All Accessories
Peachy Tote Peachy Tote Rs.1850.00
Sassy Tote Sassy Tote Rs.1750.00
 Tassel Sling Tassel Sling Rs.1550.00
Ipad Sleeve Ipad Sleeve Rs.1250.00
Box Sling Box Sling Rs.1550.00
Zipper Sling Zipper Sling Rs.1550.00
Biggest Tote Biggest Tote Rs.1850.00
Pink Maze Pink Maze Rs.2950.00
Nityaprakashan Nityaprakashan Rs.12500.00
Sulocana Sulocana Rs.9500.00
Swapnanetra Swapnanetra Rs.10000.00
Akshanidata Akshanidata Rs.12500.00
Bhudeva Bhudeva Rs.4500.00
Gunagrahin Gunagrahin Rs.3500.00
Dhyanadeep Dhyanadeep Rs.2000.00
Smasanakalika Smasanakalika Rs.3000.00
Jasmathi Jasmathi Rs.2000.00
Vidhatru Vidhatru Rs.1000.00
Drishuta Drishuta Rs.1500.00
Kalaratrisca Kalaratrisca Rs.3500.00
Kulina Kulina Rs.4500.00
Kulaja Kulaja Rs.8000.00
Kalika Kalika Rs.3000.00
 Matra  Matra Rs.4500.00
Camunda Camunda Rs.7500.00
Subha Subha Rs.8000.00
Mahamaya Mahamaya Rs.12500.00
Sundanti Sundanti Rs.9500.00
Sulocana Sulocana Rs.15000.00
Kashi Kashi Rs.2000.00
Ushangu Ushangu Rs.2000.00
Smeravaktra Smeravaktra Rs.3500.00
Kotaraksi Kotaraksi Rs.3500.00
Smitasya Smitasya Rs.3500.00
Mallesh Mallesh Rs.2000.00
Mrigasya Mrigasya Rs.2000.00
Priyapreta Priyapreta Rs.10000.00
The Flapper The Flapper Rs.2300.00
The Shimmy The Shimmy Rs.2300.00
The Charleston The Charleston Rs.2300.00
Ophelia Tassel Ophelia Tassel Rs.2000.00
Bianca Tassel Bianca Tassel Rs.2000.00
Portia Tassel Portia Tassel Rs.2000.00
Gatsby Gatsby Rs.2000.00
Pixie Haze Pixie Haze Rs.2500.00